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Clara's Clearing

Clara's Clearing

Time for some major changes, 2&3

Sunday, July 11, 2010

This blog is part of Educating My Boy: Chronicles of a Free-Schooler

Change Number 2: Less Work

The second change I made was that I cut back and changed my work hours. There was just no way I could spend even four consecutive hours a day working. Expecting a ten-year old boy to entertain himself for hours and hours in an apartment is just not realistic. I now work for a couple of hours in the morning and a couple of hours at night, either after dinner or after my husband and son go to bed. It’s a lucky thing that I am somewhat of a night person. Still, though I do my best to work as efficiently as possible, I am far from able to be as productive as when I had all day to myself. The bottom line is that my work has suffered. But there’s nothing that I can do about that right now.

Change Number 3: The Move


The biggest change we decided to make, however, is to move out of San Francisco. My husband and I are both city people and as for me, San Francisco is the smallest of the cities I have lived in. I used to live in New York City and I still dream of living there again. But… I cannot bear to see my ten-year old cooped up in a city apartment all day. It was a whole different story when he was in school. In fact, one reason I preferred public to private schools is that publics generally have much bigger space for kids. My son’s former school had a big yard complete with a good play structure, garden, and space and equipment for all the usual ball games.


It was a no brainer. My husband and son quickly agreed with me that we should move out of the city. The bad economy came to our rescue! We could now even look for a house to buy in Marin County, which is a beautiful area north of San Francisco where kids have a lot more roaming space. It is a perfect location for its proximity to San Francisco (we can maintain our friendships and continue many activities) and to Sonoma County where there are a lot of farms. I have always wished for Jack to learn about growing things and taking care of animals, so this is a great opportunity. And there are many homeschoolers in both Marin and Sonoma counties.


My job as a writer, editor, and publisher can be done from anywhere. But moving out of the city is not going to be easy for my husband who will now have to commute close to an hour to and from work. Luckily he is an early morning person so he can hit the road at 6:30 a.m. and avoid the worst traffic.


So, you see yanking your kid out of school is not as easy as all that. We have had to make some major adjustments – dare I say sacrifices? I am not going to pretend that I am over being angry at my son’s school and all related parties for having pushed us into home schooling. But then again, perhaps we needed a push. I am totally convinced that all’s well that ends well.


I am also totally aware that we are lucky to be able to do what it takes to “end well.” Who would have thought that being able to make sacrifices for your kid is actually a privilege?



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