About MoBB

This site is a slice of life and an exploration:

It is a slice of the lives of boys, mothers, and their communities.

It is an exploration of the joys and challenges of raising boys.

The mission of Mothers of Bad Boys is to address the issues involved in raising boys and to celebrate boys and boyhood.

Who writes on this website?

do and you do.

are the more or less regulars. We are mothers, fathers, extended family members, teachers, mental health professionals, coaches, friends—that is, the regular folks in the lives of boys—and children themselves: boys and girls.


You are who you are. If you are here you probably have some interest in raising, educating, or just living with boys. What you have to say is welcome here. You can submit what you have to say—long or short, formal or informal, “well written” or not—and participate in the exchange of ideas and experiences here.


It takes a village to raise a child

This site was started by a group of mothers. But it is not a site only for or by mothers.

Perhaps what all contributors and participants on this site agree on is that it takes a village to raise a child. This site belongs to all members of the “village”—the communities, large and small—in which our sons are being raised.


Building a community is in the first place based on communication.


This is a place to communicate—a place to discuss, laugh, vent, compare notes, share resources, pass on tips, etc. It is a place to think out loud and arrive at understanding together. It is through active engagement in communication and community-building that we can hope to arrive at practical solutions to problems that we encounter every day and happier times for everyone.


You can also think of this place as a playground to exchange ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Children aren’t the only ones who can learn through play!

What can we accomplish?

Together we can accomplish a great deal in creating a “village” to which both we and our children want to belong. Here are some immediate and tangible goals we can reach:

    1. U
nderstand our boys better and appreciate them more.

    2. Give ourselves a stronger voice in making sure that our boys grow up healthy, happy, and successful.

    3. Take action by advocating for our boys and supporting the efforts of all those who play a positive role in our boys' lives.  

How you can participate in this site

● Submit pieces and pictures for MoBB Times.
● Comment and participate in discussions following pieces in MoBB Times, the blogs Clara's Clearing and Manners and Morals, and OMM Club
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● Contribute items to
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● Submit pictures or art work to the
● Communicate with the editor through 

Submission Guidelines

Email your submissions to editor@mothersofbadboys.com. Your submissions may be edited. 


Please write the page to which you would like to submit your piece in the subject line of the email. Choose one of these pages: MoBB Times, OMM Club, Gallery, Advocacy, Local Action, In the News, Letters.



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